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Here are some commonly asked questions and answers that may quickly help you out.
Q: Why does my QUAD-5 skip over the channel I want. The frequency doesn’t march the channel I’m on? A: Check to see if the 10KHz display is lit. If it is, press the 10KHz button and this will put you back on the right frequency. Keep in mind, every channel position remembers if the 10KHz switch was selected. So the channel on either side of it will read the correct frequency if the 10KHz switch wasn’t pressed while the radio was on those channels. It can also be set in programming mode. Q: When I switch the Roger Beep on and go to another channel, the beep is off. What’s going on? A: This is another feature that is channel dependent, You may not want the Roger Beep on certain channels and always on on other channels. The QUAD-5 memory holds that information. It can also be set in programming mode. Q: What features are channel dependent? A: The +10KHz, HI-CUT RX tone filter, NB/ANL noise filter, SCAN include or lockout, and Roger Beep are channel dependent and can be changed through the front panel. These and other features are available in the computer programming mode. Q: How do I turn on the Top Gun modulator? A: The QUAD-5 doesn’t have a compressor or modulator even though they are designed by Top Gun Technologies. The radio has been designed to have an enhanced audio system that sounds rich with high quality full tone audio. We feel to modify these circuits will degrade the radio quality. Q: I have a RF Limited EC-2018 Echo mic and sometimes when I transmit I notice the radio changes channels. Is there a fix for this? A: The cause for this is that those and some other echo mics have a built-in talkback. They do this by having a trim potentiometer and capacitor inside the mic connecting from pin 4 of the mic plug to pin 1 which is ground. The QUAD-5 uses pin 4 as a serial input that senses the voltage on that pin to cause the radio to channel up or down as well as activate the auto squelch circuit. When the mic is keyed the voltage varies on pin 4 causing the radio to think it should change channels or turn on or off the auto squelch. This is easily fixed by taking the wire off pin 4 of the mic plug and insulating it so it doesn’t come in contact with any pins or the mic plug shell. You can cut the wire off in you never intend on using it on a Cobra or Uniden radio.
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