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Top Gun Technologies has been manufacturing the popular SP-1a speech processor for over 15 years. This speech processor has proven  to be the best available since it's development. Once again Top Gun Technologies uses the latest high-tech engineering providing the best products for the CB and Amateur radio  enthusiast. Our micro circuitry provides the following in our new product line: The first modulator kit that achieves maximum swing with clean audio from 0.5-Watts dead-key to maximum PEP output. The first modulator kit with external ON/OFF or adjustable swing control. The first compressor kit that utilizes and enhances the radio audio preamplifier eliminating square waving on first word and audio peaks  while increasing peak audio output. The first modulation control that enables control of modulation limiting at low power setting without effecting high power modulation level. These high performance products work so well, Magnum International has used them in their  Omega Force S45 and all other S series radio  as well. Now Top Gun Technologies has their own 10 Meter all mode transceivers. The Top Gun QUAD-5 the Predator.
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