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Developing products for CB and Amateur radio for over 15 years. Responsible for manufacturing the SP-1a speech processor and the development of the RF Limited EC-2018 Turbo™, EC-2018 XTR™, TRB-1™, UTB-1™, and other radio enhancements. Now Top Gun Technologies has it's own product line. These kits allow 10, 11, and 12 meter radios achieve better swing while keeping the modulation limiter in tact, however, disabling the limiter won't result in the severe distortion that's created in radios without these enhancements. This web site will assist in selecting, locating, and installing our products. Remember: Adding kits may void manufacturers warranty or FCC type acceptance. We are also proud to announce our QUAD-5 10 Meter all mode transceiver. TOP GUN TECHNOLOGIES IS ITS OWN COMPANY ALL PRODUCTS LISTED ON THIS SITE ARE OURS AND WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY OTHER RADIO MANUFACTURER OR IMPORTER.
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Available Now Top Gun QUAD-5 ALL MODE 10-Meter Radio Jammed With Features & Superb Audio Quality
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